What is Functional Neurology?

Functional Neurology is a specialty in healthcare that focuses on the health and performance of the brain and nervous system and how they interact with the body. Functional neurologists check to see if the nervous system is not working in the following areas: abnormal sensations, abnormal motor functions, abnormal thoughts, or abnormal posture. The brain controls every function in your body and your body provides feedback to the brain. If the communication between your brain and your body breaks down, so too can your health.

If you are seeing a practitioner that is only looking at one system such as the digestive system, but you also have dysfunction in your nervous, endocrine, and immune system, how can you possibly get better?

What is Functional Biochemical Assimilation?

Metabolism is the chemical reactions that change food and fluids into energy by creating the building blocks, substrates, required to grow and repair every muscle, organ, gland, neuron, cell, and tissue in our bodies. It’s a very complex system that requires 6 Main Processes for Optimal Assimilation:

  • Digestion
  • Absorption
  • Filtration
  • Detoxification
  • Synthesization
  • Elimination

To optimize the function of your body’s biochemistry you need a well-functioning metabolism along with a healthy immune system. If there is a breakdown in any of the above processes your health will diminish. The more processes that are breaking down the more chronic conditions you will experience.

Due to the advancement in the Science of Biochemistry during the last two decades, we are now able to objectively analyze these areas through proper blood and stool analysis. In doing so we can now restore function back to these areas to obtain optimal health instead of just managing these chronic conditions with drugs.

How does the brain work?

Your brain controls and coordinates all functions of the body (Grey’s Anatomy). When functioning normally, the cerebellum, which is the back bottom part of your cranium, sends messages or “fires” to the brain (right and left hemisphere) which in turn “fires” to the brain stem (mesencephalon, pons, and medulla). This is called the “Brain Loop”.

Your health, well-being, physical vitality, mental clarity, and emotional stability are all directly correlated with proper brain function, the “Brain Loop”.When functioning correctly, the cerebellum receives adequate input, sending normal input to the brain’s frontal lobes, which sends sufficient input to the lower brainstem, keeping the mesencephalon from over-firing.

A mesencephalon that is not firing properly causes symptoms such as fibromyalgia, ADD, RSD, sciatica, etc.

What health problems can you help with?

Please understand that BBT is not a specific treatment for any disease, illness, or disorder. We do not try to cure anything.

Our expertise lies in naturally and holistically re-wiring your brain (neuroplasticity) and then getting out of the way so your body can heal.

However, once the “brain loop” is restored and any brain imbalances are minimized? Amazing things can happen.

Brain-Based Therapy (BBT):

A revolutionary breakthrough treatment program pioneered by the country’s leading chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Fredrick Carrick. The treatments are all neurologically & biochemically based and clinically proven to help with cognitive decline, chronic pain, balance disorders and other neurologic conditions.

Call Kimberton Clinic of Chiropractic & Integrative Health today to find out more information.

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